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Awesome Weekend

The guy with the neon yellow green bandana?

Of course who else but André!

Its his signature style. No one else can pull it off and dares to wear it rather than him.

New friends from NYC, Kyle and Sohpie

Our dear Polish friends in black and Catia in pink! Catia is André's wife, remember the guy with the neon yellow green bandana?

Elliot and Emily, these two knows each other since they were toddlers.

Astonishing view

I thought to myself "We will certainly come back here and share this place to others!"

André is always up to something, Catia knows that very well..

So I came to investigate..nothing mischievous, just picking wild blueberries..

Never knew they grew in Malta, I'll keep an eye next time.

The hike was all over, but theres still more..

Off to Camp

We found dead unrooted trees... Good for us, we used them to set up a bonfire!

Who is not captivated or mesmerised from the alluring beauty of the fire?

Some time after, more of our friends joined us for meal and we chatted the night away.

Marshamallow + Fire


Camping will never be complete without this combo, do you agree?

The next morning..

I was the first to wake up. I came out of tent, with my camera in my hands.

Our magnificent view

Behind the scene photo:

Still with my eyeshades and earmuffs

Finally! One by one they came out of their tents but their brains were still half asleep.

While some had to be woken up by farm animals


Marissa brought hot chocolate and whipped cream. I'm not really a fan of chocolate nor hot chocolate drink but I gave it a try anyway.

Well.. I don't know if it was a mistake but I got fixated on hot chocolate for the next entire week!

Searching for the cafe and restaurant that served the best hot choco!

When everyone was up, we took a little breakfast and as promised, we set off for a nice morning hike.

Karl led the way

while I stayed behind to take some memories.

We arrived at this hidden marvel

We felt hungry after a while

After lunch, we played some real games,

baseball with Kyle.

Like any other things, our activity came to an end..

We packed up, cleaned the area and leave.

Karl and I would like to stay longer but we had to attend a wedding that evening. You know woman needs a lot to time to prepare right? Hair, make-up, etc.. I don't like dressing up so it was a painful burden for me. Anyway.. Before everything is over, we'd like to show Kyle and Sophie another beautiful place before we depart.