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Hello 2018

Malta looks so alive and lush at this time of the year. Hello January!

The perfect time for a lovely hike! Its still winter in Malta but looks far from it.

Our friends of all ages were up for an adventure

Breath-taking view of the turquoise sea from the edge of the cliff

Everyone admires the beautiful view of both sea and land, even our furry friend Rocco

The wind blew stronger as we climb up

the sandy hill.

Everybody received a blowdry, whether we like it or not

Others needed a helping hand not to be blown away.

After an hour of walking, we found a beautiful spot which was protected from the wind. After being recharged, the place was filled with the sound of children's laughter as they play and chase each other.

After a nice cup of hot drink and a sip of whisky with ginger from the Vancook's flask, I sat there watching everybody. Jeff caught my eyes, Oh Jeff, Jeff is a very hilarious fellow. I find him very amusing, he always have something funny to say without even trying to be funny. He was sitting there, contented with his life, singing and mimicking a trumpet like no one is around him. He doesn't even know I was watching him, I was so entertained!

I made a new friend, her name is Blaire. She is so adorable! She held my hand as we walk, talking about whatever crossed her mind.

Families with kids had to leave half way through the hike as the little ones were starting to get tired. They needed the remaining energy they have to climb up the hill and walk all the way back to where we parked the cars. They did a great job though!

As for the rest of us who stayed, the journey continued..

My camera didn't catch the action but Rocco got so excited that he ran towards the paddle, poor Dominique caught off guard, twirling around but gladly managed to keep his balance.

We are happy to share this beautiful day with everyone!

Until next time!

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