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Inside a Hole

Chocolate at midnight is definitely not a good idea.

The Next Morning

Now, people cannot believe how we've made it considering that the weather was horrible especially on that weekend. Some said we are joking, others thought we are crazy.

Well, let me tell you how it was possible:

We were inside a cave

Yes, we were inside a big hole in the ground. So awesome! This marvellous place protected us from wind and 24hour nonstop rainfall.

We were pretty cosy inside while the rest of Malta is wet and cold.

Even our dear Rocco loved it and was very relaxed!

Afternoon came and guess what? The lovely Sun came out to give us warmth! The boys took the opportunity to bask in the sun.

Two other of our friends came to join us later.

This one, named David, amazed me! I love to cook and I take pleasure in working at the kitchen but I don't mind when I'm camping outside. We just buy burgers and sausages, throw them in the griller and let them cook et Voila! Meal is served.

But this guy, he cooks and prepare gorgeous food anywhere!

#EAT "For the love of food"

David and his wife generously got some freshly baked imqaret! Karl and I loved them!

Imqaret, is a Maltese traditional pastery. Delicious, mouthwatering pastry stuffed with dates, usually deep fried but some bakes them. If you've never been to Malta but planning to visit in the future, imqaret is a must-try!

I always look forward when the night falls at camp because its time to enjoy a relaxing time in front of the bonfire...

We really tried our best to make this happen because of these two:

Our dear Portuguese friends, very close to my heart.

Its their last adventure with us before they move to England. I'm sad that they have to go but the reason behind it was exceptional.

Come and visit us soon! xxx

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